Esto es una prueba para comprobar que va bien el dominio y el ftp Rootsweb: melungeon-l re: [melungeon] christmas disease melungeon-l archives archiver > melungeon > 2001-12 > 1009643494 from: "jecrain" <> subject: re: [melungeon] christmas disease date: sat, 29 dec 2001 10:33:01 -0600 references: cheryl; thank you for this information. I will look into it further. Janet ----- original message ----- from: "cheryl bryant" <> to: <>; <> sent: saturday, december 29, 2001 3:07 pm subject: re: [melungeon] christmas disease > janet, > i posted the original letter about christmas disease. I was referring to a > family with the surname of black. I find it interesting about the vitamin k > deficiency. My mother has always been a "bleeder" and received vitamin k > shots at different points in her life. She is now 92 years young and has > surrived many episodes of excessive bleeding, especially during her > childbearing years. She has also had bleeding during surgeries and has had > to be given medicine to make her blood clot. With all these occurences, i > have never been able to get a doctor to test her for factor 9 deficiency. > the deficiency is supposedly passed to the male from a female carrier. effects female taking viagra It > is considered almost impossible for a female to have it. viagra canada online But i have a 1st. viagra cost > cousin who is female and has been diagnosed with it. I think my mother has > it, but has never been tested. cheap viagra online Most of my family who has been diagnosed has > a mild to moderate deficiency. My son, uncle, 1st cousin and her daughter > have all been diagnosed with factor 9 deficiency. viagra pills There are some other who, > i believe, have it, but doctors refuse to check for factor 9 deficiency. viagra dla kobiet 2011 It > is especially hard for a female to be checked, because of the extreme rarity > of a female getting it instead of just being a carrier. >>>>>from: "jecrain" <>>>to: >>subject: re: [melungeon] christmas disease >>date: fri, 28 dec 2001 18:47:36 -0600 >>>>kim; i think you may be on the right track with the vitamin k deficiency. viagra generic >>maybe that is genetic. buy generic viagra online I know my cousin had to have vitamin k shots prior >>to >>surgery. I think the previous letter referred to a "black" family as in >>their surname being black. viagra cost on nhs Please correct me if i am wrong. >>>>my blood was tested for missing factors and none were missing. There is >>als.
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